I'm not too grown, your mentality is too little

Ask me shit biittcchh   23 lesbian, born again vegetarian, newbie health nut

I’m just ready for

The day I wake up. And you’re next to me.

Because I miss you

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Some great plus size models in amazing photoshoots: Tess Munster, Chenese Lewis, Rayna Salcido Alvarez, Kelsey Olson, Jessica Jerome, Naomi Watanabe, Zoe Melissa Mae, Kailee O’Sullivan, Griselangel Paula, Kisura Nyoto, Lorna Litz, Ava Sfez, Jen Dickerson, Natalie Drue Hage

oh holy crap that’s me

hi me

how you doing

Or as I like to call them. ..”models”

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It sucks to feel this way. And to have no one to come too.

I’m really trying. I’m really really trying to feel normal and be extremely grateful for everything I have.

But I’m just starting to get tired

— 2 days ago

"My skillz is crazy" @stargazeher #thankyouforbeingafriend and hooping with me at the park day off well spent!

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"Because we don’t have penises" part 2

— 2 days ago

"My tattoo says rebel" @stargazeher part 1

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i have the tendency to forget how to breathe when im close to beating my highscore

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I can’t be the only one

Who makes up entire relationships with people they’ve never met. Because I just spent an entire car ride make up and entire relationship. …I’ve never even spoken to her…
In life. ..

Her comment on my picture was emojis….not even real words and I created an entire 6monyh long relationship in my head.

I must be damaged lol

— 3 days ago
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